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How will traffic violations affect my life?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Traffic Defense

Almost everyone gets a traffic ticket occasionally when driving in New York. While you may be angry with yourself and irritated that you have to pay the fine, you may begin to wonder how that infraction will affect your chances of getting a new job or finding a new place to live if someone runs a background check on you.

Most traffic violations are civil complaints

Although the police can immediately see your driving record when they stop you, most traffic violations are civil complaints. This classification means that most speeding tickets and similar traffic tickets won’t show up on background checks because these focus on criminal history.

However, a speeding ticket or another traffic offense could show up on a criminal background check if the offense was severe. In other words, if you were convicted of drunk driving or a hit-and-run, especially if your actions caused severe injuries or death, within the last seven years, the mishap will be on the background check.

Some employers or landlords may dig deeper than the standard criminal background check to see what else they can discover about your past. Speeding tickets will usually show up on a check of your driving record. A speeding ticket may also affect your ability to get a new job if it will involve driving.

Minimizing the effects of speeding tickets

Drivers who receive speeding violations in New York can suffer immediate repercussions. The state has a points system for all types of traffic violations that can affect your insurance, driver’s license and much more. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to fight the ticket to reduce the penalties.

Even if you can’t get your local jurisdiction to drop the charges, in many cases, you can receive a reduction of points against your record. Points reduction is essential if you receive several moving violations within a short period as you could be classified as a high-risk driver.