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The Law Office of Randy S. Alpert offers a full-service criminal law practice for clients in the New York Metro area and throughout Nassau County and Suffolk County. We strongly believe that anyone accused of a traffic violation or crime has a right to a vigorous defense.

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  • DWI/DUI/DWAI: We handle all drunk driving charges, including DWI/DUI/DWAI, felony drunk driving, underage DWI (drivers under 21) and DWI drugs (driving under influence of illegal drugs).
  • Criminal Defense: We handle all criminal cases. Whether you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime, we can help. Some of the criminal charges we handle include homicide, drug charges, assault, shoplifting/larceny, domestic violence, gun crimes, sex crimes, robbery and burglary.
  • Traffic Violations: We handle all traffic violations, including speeding tickets, running a stop sign, driving without valid insurance, driving after suspension, reckless driving, drunk driving, running a red light, leaving the scene of an accident, following too close, failure to stop for a school bus and commercial trucking (CDL) violations. We represent clients at DMV safety hearings and traffic violations appeals.
  • Handling Your Traffic Ticket: In Nassau and Suffolk Counties, we have two options when handling your case. The first option is plea bargaining your traffic ticket with the County Prosecutor to a lesser charge without any points or as few points as possible. For instance, if you are charged with a 6 point speeding it is not uncommon for our office to plea bargain this charge down to a no point violation and a fine. As a former Assistant District Attorney, Randy Alpert, understands the plea bargaining process and is able to effectively negotiate with the Prosecutor to achieve the best results for his clients. The second option that exists is to go to trial. Proceeding to trial is usually an “all or nothing” proposition. What that means is that at the conclusion of the trial, the motorist is either 100% not guilty with no points and no fine or the motorist is 100% guilty with all the points and a fine. Randy S. Alpert will review these options and weigh the pros and cons with you before deciding the best strategy to pursue.

Whether you are facing serious criminal charges or need help fighting a traffic ticket, you can be confident that your legal matter will be handled with a high degree of competence and care. Your case will be managed by attorney Randy Alpert, a seasoned criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor with more than 25 years of experience handling criminal law and traffic cases.

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