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There was a time when cell phone and portable electronic device tickets carried no points and motorists would just plead guilty and pay the fine. That would be a very big mistake today.

In New York State, drivers who use cell phones without a hands free system, or who hold and use portable electronic devices, are facing 5 (five) points on their driving record, if convicted. Portable electronic devices encompass cell phones, GPS devices, electronic games, laptop computers, etc. The points and fine structure is as follows:


Points Max Fine Surcharge Total
1st Offense 5 $150 $88 $238
2nd Offense within 18 months 5 $200 $88 $288
3rd Offense within 18 months 5 $400 $88 $488


Thus, it is extremely important to fight these charges to preserve your license, prevent potential suspensions and to avoid higher insurance premiums. Mr. Alpert will thoroughly discuss the violation with you, his strategy and methods to contest the ticket. Additionally, at the hearing, he will evaluate the officer’s testimony and question the officer to see to see if it meets established legal standards. In most instances, Mr. Alpert can represent you in court and it will not be necessary for you to attend the hearing.

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