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Have You Ever Received A Summons For Failure To Yield To A Pedestrian Resulting In Physical Injury?

Whenever a motorist in New York City strikes a pedestrian in a crosswalk and the collision results in physical injury, the NYPD issues a summons for a violation of Pedestrian’s Rights and Safety for a civil fine [Administrative Code 19-190(b)]. This charge does not add any points to a motorist’s driving record, however it can have a negative impact on a civil/personal injury lawsuit, if the pedestrian decides to sue the motorist (which is often the case).

This hearing is held at the New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) division. Therefore, it is imperative that a motorist who is summoned for this charge contests it at the OATH division. It is best to work with an attorney who is familiar with these hearings.

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The Law Office of Randy S. Alpert has fought and won these hearings for many clients throughout New York City. Attorney Alpert will review the facts of your case with you and will develop a strategy to challenge the charge against you. In most cases, he will be able to fight the summons without you having to be there, so you don’t need to take time off from work.

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