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A speeding ticket may seem like a minor matter, until your auto insurance premiums are increased or you receive additional tickets and find that you are in jeopardy of having your driver’s license suspended.

It is critical to fight every speeding ticket or any other traffic violation. Just paying your ticket might seem like the easiest thing to do at the time, but it could be a costly mistake in the long run that you later regret. In most instances, the Law Office of Randy S. Alpert can represent you in court without you even having to be there.

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At the Law Office of Randy S. Alpert, we fight traffic tickets on behalf of clients throughout the New York metro area and in Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Long Island. You can depend on us for the following:

  • Experienced Representation
  • Personable, Knowledgeable and Dedicated Representation
  • A Vigorous Defense

Randy Alpert is a former Assistant District Attorney for Queens County. Randy has defended thousands of clients against traffic citations and criminal charges. The firm has extensive experience in speeding ticket cases, and he can ensure that you receive a vigorous defense.

Speeding Tickets In New York

New York has a point system for speeding tickets. Your auto insurance rates can be affected by points you receive on your driving record. In addition, your driver’s license could be suspended if you receive too many points. The best way to protect your rights and your driving privileges is to aggressively fight each traffic ticket.

Points that may result from a speeding ticket include:

  • Three points: Speeding 1-10 MPH
  • Four points: Speeding 11-20 MPH
  • Six points: Speeding 21-30 MPH
  • Eight points: Speeding 31-40 MPH
  • 11 points: Speeding over 40 MPH

We will attempt to resolve your case in a manner that ensures that you receive no points or as few points as possible. In NYC and the five boroughs, speeding tickets may not be resolved by plea bargaining, so we will have to aggressively fight your speeding ticket at trial. In many areas throughout New York, however, speeding tickets may be resolved by plea bargaining. As a former Queens Assistant District Attorney, Randy Alpert understands how to effectively communicate with the prosecution on behalf of his clients to seek a favorable resolution on their behalf.

We have extensive experience acting on behalf of clients throughout the New York metro area. Whether your case is best resolved by negotiated agreement or by trial, we will work diligently to seek the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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