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One of the worst feelings you can experience is when you get a phone call from a relative or a friend that has just been arrested. As your loved one waits for his arraignment, many questions are going through your mind–how long will it take for my loved one to see a judge; will he be released or will bail be set; and, what can I do to help?

By hiring an attorney from the outset, a lot of your anxieties can be relieved and your questions answered. The arraignment can be very critical because it is the first time that your loved one appears in Court. At the arraignment, the defendant is informed of the charges he is facing and the Judge will hear arguments from the District Attorney and the defendant’s attorney on how much, if any, bail should be set. The outcome of this process will determine whether your loved one can leave the Court or if bail has to be posted to release him from jail. Additionally, the attorney at the defendant’s arraignment can immediately start to develop a relationship with his client and work out a strategy from the start.

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Randy Alpert has over 25 years of experience in criminal law and has worked on both sides of the arraignment table. He worked for five years as a Queens Assistant District Attorney and over twenty years as a criminal defense attorney representing clients in Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. The Law office of Randy S. Alpert is very familiar with the arraignment process and will cut through the red tape to try to get your loved one’s case called as soon as possible and released from jail.

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